Company Values

We are a team of people who have vast experience in running gambling and Bingo halls. We are well aware of our customer needs and what makes our customers enjoy well. Hence we have started our own online gambling site and app to play bingo. We also offer other games such as slots apart from Bingo.

The following are our key values that we follow

Honesty comes first. When it comes to matter of handling money we know how important it to be honest and transparent in our transactions. Thus we maintain a good account of all transactions that you do.

Customers are King. We provide lot of bonuses and offers for you, we know that sometimes in gambling you lose, in order for you to not get bogged down and for you to get your tactics right in the game we offer you some free online money to try it out.

Support our customers 24x7. We understand that as customers you will have lot of questions and doubts, especially if you are new to online gambling. Thus we provide full support by being online throughout or you can also reach us using our toll free number.

We welcome your repeat business. We have lot of loyalty reward points. We welcome your business and are happy to repeatedly keep serving us, thus we give back something to you.

Flexibility to customers. We provide lot of flexibility to you as customers. We accept credit cards, PayPal or any other mode of payment. We are available both in laptop/desktop as well as in mobiles. Thus we are there for you whenever you want to play.

The above are our core values. Honesty, Integrity and customer satisfaction are our key driving factors anytime and being morally and ethically right is what we value more than profit.